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Connecting To The Rs485 Port; Connecting To The Usb Ports - Siemens SISTORE AX9 250 User Manual

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Connecting to the RS485 port


Connecting to the USB ports

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Fig. 11
RS485 connector
The DVR can be controlled remotely by an external device or control system, such
as a control keyboard, using RS485 half-duplex serial communications signals.
The RS485 connector can also be used to control PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) cameras.
Connect RX-/TX- and RX+/ TX+ of the control system to the − and + (respectively)
of the DVR. See the Section 8: Configuration and the PTZ camera or remote
keyboard manual for configuring the RS485 connection.
Fig. 12
Front USB connectors
Fig. 13
Rear USB connector
Three USB ports are provided to connect external hard disk, CD-RW or flash
drives for video clip copying or system upgrades. One USB port is on the rear
panel and the other two are on the front panel. Position external drives close
enough to the DVR so that you can make the cable connections, usually less than
6 feet. Use the USB cable provided with the hard disk drive to connect it to the
A USB mouse (not supplied) can be connected to one of the ports. You can use
the mouse to navigate through the screens and menus much like you would on a
A PostScript™ USB printer (not supplied) can be connected to one of the ports.
You can print selected images resulting from a search. Refer to Section 9.10:
Searching video.
A USB to Serial converter can be connected to the USB port. Multiple text-in
devices can be used with a USB to Serial converter.



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