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Description Of Functions - Siemens SISTORE AX9 250 User Manual

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Description of functions

Description of functions
Siemens Building Technologies
Fire Safety & Security Products
SISTORE AX is a digital video recording system for the surveillance of rooms,
premises, buildings, production workshops, critical public areas or any outdoor
areas where security is important.
In addition to replacing both a time-lapse VCR and a multiplexer in a security
installation, your DVR has many features that make it much more powerful and
easier to use than even the most advanced VCR.
The DVR converts analog PAL or NTSC video to digital images and records them
on a hard disk drive. Using a hard disk drive allows you to access recorded video
almost instantaneously; there is no need to rewind tape. The technology also
allows you to view recorded video while the DVR continues recording video.
Digitally recorded video has several advantages over analog video recorded on
tape. There is no need to adjust tracking. You can freeze frames, fast forward, fast
reverse, slow forward and slow reverse without image streaking or tearing. Digital
video can be indexed by time or events, and you can instantly view video after
selecting the time or event.
Your DVR can be set up for event or time-lapse recording. You can define times to
record, and the schedule can change for different days of the week and user
defined holidays.
The DVR can be set up to alert you when the hard disk drive is full, or it can be set
to record over the oldest video once the disk is full.
Your DVR uses a proprietary encryption scheme making it nearly impossible to
alter video.
You can view video and control your DVR remotely by connecting via modem or
Ethernet. There is a SCSI port that can be used to record or archive video to
external hard disk drives, and there are also three USB ports that can be used to
upgrade the system or copy video clips to external hard disk, CD-RW and flash
This manual covers the 9- and 16-channel digital video recorders. The DVRs are identical except for
the number of cameras and alarms that can be connected and the number of cameras that can be
displayed. For simplicity, the illustrations and descriptions in this manual refer to the 16-camera model.
Your colour digital video recorder (DVR) provides recording capabilities for nine or
16 camera inputs. It provides exceptional picture quality in both live and playback
modes, and offers the following features:
Efficient video compression through "MPEG4 Technology"
9 or 16 composite video input connectors
Compatible with colour (NTSC or PAL) and B/W (CCIR and EIA-170) video
Auto-detection for PAL and NTSC
Multiple monitor connectors: 1 BNC Video Out, 1 SVHS, 4 Spot, 1 VGA


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