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Care Of Battery - Ducati 750 Sport Owner's Manual

Ducati motorcycles owner's manual.
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How to prepare the battery for filing
Remove the gummed tape and the plugs before fillng with electrolyte.
If the battery is provided with a long drain pipe, cut the seal about 3 cm from the end. If the
battery has a short sealed tube and comes with a separate long pipe, fit the long pipe.
Filing the battery
The electrolyte (Dilute sulphuric acid) must have a specific gravity of 1.240 in tropical climates
where the average temperature exceeds 25°C (77°F)
and 1.260 in mild climates.
Fil to the level of the anti-splash gauze, as indicated on the side of the battery.
The electrolyte should be cooler than 30°C (86°F) before filling.
the battery has been filed, allow it to stand for half an hour; during this period some of
the electrolyte wil probably be absorbed and if so, the level must be restored by adding more
dilute sulphuric acid as above.
Charging the Battery
It is preferable to charge the battery fully before installng it in the motorcycle, applying a
current of 1.2A for between 15 and 20 hours. Charge until the battery electrolyte reaches the
density referred to above. .
- Secure the battery firmly in position on the motorcycle.
- Make sure that the terminals are correctly connected, damage to electrical parts can result
from current of the wrong polarity being applied.
- Check the electrolyte level once a month and top up with DISTILLED WATER. Never top up
with sulphuric acid.
- Always keep the battery clean and ensure that the drain tube is unobstructed.
- Recharge the battery when the horn and lights indicate that the current is low.
Maintenance of the Electrical System .
It is extremely important to refer to the wiring diagram on page 63 when carrying out inspection
or repairs to the electrical system. To avoid demagnetizing the alternator take care never to
reverse the polarity of current passing through it. Always use the appropriate meters when
If the electronic regulator fails to function, do not tamper with it, send it to a Ducati agent for
servicing, or replacement.
NEVER detach the battery cables when the engine is running or damage to the electronic
regulator wil resûlt,
Refer to page 57 for further information.


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