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Electrical Systems - Ducati 750 Sport Owner's Manual

Ducati motorcycles owner's manual.
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absorbers which can be adjusted to three different loads.
In the Ducati 750 GT the fork fulcrum spindle is fixed to the frame while the fork rotates
around it through a bronze bush, giving the machine greater solidity and stability. On the left
hand side bush there is a grease nipple for the spindle.
are of
spoke rim type in light
alloy, the
front being 19" x2" and
the rear, 18'; x 3"
at the rim. Both wheels have a detachable spindle. The rear wheel has a special cushion drive
and can be dismounted without removing the chain.
The front brake is a disc brake with a telehydraulic control on the handlebar, while the rear brake
is of the drum type, pedal controlled.
The front disc diameter is 280 mm (11.02") and the diameter of the double cam rear drum in
200mm (7.87").
General specifications
The electrical system consists of the following main parts:
Headlamp - A powerful, two filament 12 Volt, 4O/45W headlamp is fitted, together with a 12
Volt, 3W parking light. Inside the headlamp there is a relay for the emergency lights as well as a
circuit for the fitting of direction indicators.
Dashboard - This is mounted on the handlebars and contains the speedometer and
tachometer as well as three warning lights for ignition key, high beam and parking light. The
instruments are lit by two independent lights.
Coils - The two 12 Volt high tension coils are fitted under the tank and become live only when
the ignition key is inserted. When replacing them be sure not to reverse the connections.
Horn - The 12 Volt horn is mounted under the handlebars.
Stop lamp
switch - A new type of switch is mounted on the left and rear of the frame and is
operated by
the brake pedaL. IMPORTANT:The two wires must be inserted in such a way as to
avoid contact with the central sheath and they must be properly insulated.
Key switch - This is positioned under the saddle on the left hand side, on models fitted with an
electric starter there is an additional starting position.
Fuse box - There
fuses located under
the saddle, inside
the tool box. The fuses are F.1
15A to protect the parking light, F.225A to protect the headlight, F.3 15A to protect the horn
and stop light and FA 15A to protect the emergency light and direction indicator circuit.
i M PO RT ANT When replacing a fuse, flex the contact springs so that they hold the fuse firmly in
Battery - The battery is a Yuasa 12N-12A-4A-12V, with 6 cells and Volt - 12Ah capacity. It
has a transparent case to allow easy checking of the electrolyte level and is cushioned by a
special rubber mounting. When checking the battery level with an ammeter always ensure that
the engine is STOPPED.
Regulator - A standard 12 Volt regulator is fitted. Please note that the negative cable from the
battery must be connected to the regulator frame.
Alternator - The alternator has an output of 150 Watts and is mounted within the engine on
the clutch side. The three wires from the alternator connect directly to the regulator and it is
important not to confuse them. When opening the engine take care not to damage the
alternator windings.


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