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Ducati 750 Sport Owner's Manual Page 51

Ducati motorcycles owner's manual.
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Fitting the heads
First, line up the two reference marks in the
bevel gears. Place the head on the four
studs and make sure that the engagement
in the vertical shaft corresponds with the
crankcase. When the studs appear from
the upper supporting surface of the nuts,
install the washers and tighten the nuts.
Then tap the head carefully until it seats
properly. Tighten the nuts with a 17 mm
polygon wrench. Before the assembly is
completed, make sure that there is a
Seeger ring near the coupling in the stem
of the vertical conical gear.
Checking the ignition timing -750
Find Top Dead Centre of the rear cylinder
on the compression stroke. Fit the degree
wheel on the crankshaft in zero position.
Turn the degree wheel in a clockwise
direction until the points are fully open,
and set the points gap at .015" or OAmm.
Setting ignition timing by means of a
battery and bulb - 750
Insert a battery and bulb between the
engine and the moveable contact of the
vertical cylinder. Rotate the engine in the
direction of the movement and set the
contact so that it opens exactly 100 before
top dead centre. When the contact opens,
the bulb will go off, allowing you to check
the advance and make any necessary
For the other cylinder, follow the same
procedure but rotate the engine 2700 after
top dead centre.
During this entire operation, remember to
set the contact gaps at 4 mm. .


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