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Maintenance 750 And 860 - Ducati 750 Sport Owner's Manual

Ducati motorcycles owner's manual.
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The inlet
filters are FISPA 062459 reference number 0960.91.715 for the front cylinder, and
0960.91.815 for the rear.
The engine is pressure lubricated (see 750 for details of oil capacity and replacement).
The transmission system is essentially similar to that of the Ducati 750 with the following gear
ratios utilised:
Primary reduction 2.187:1
Bottom gear 2.237:1
Second gear 1.562: 1
Third gear 1.204: 1
Fourth gear 1:1 (direct drive)
Secondary ratios 2.467: 1
T¡he front suspension consists of Ceriani type forks and the rear suspension of Marzocchi,
shock absorbers.
The wheels are similar to those fitted to the Ducati 750. Recommended tyres are front -3.50
H18Pirell Supersport, inflated to 31.3Ib/sq. in. rear - 120/90-4.70 H18 Pirell Supersport,
inflated to 35.5Ib/sq. in.
Electrical System -860
The system is essentially similar to that installed in the Ducati 750, with the exception of the
electronic ignition circuitry. Five fuses protect the components: F1,25A, General: F2,8A,
Parking Lights: F3,8A, Lights and emergency lights: F4,8A, Stop light and horn: F5, 8A,
Direction indicators. The headlight is a 50/55 Watt, 12 Volt quartz iodine bulb and the
dashboard warning lights are as follows:
GEN - Red - Key inserted
L - White - Lights on
Hi - Blue - Main beam
N - Green - Gears in neutral
Yellow flash - Turn indicator
The horn has two settings, for town and country.
Kick start models - YUASA type 12N-12A-4A, 12 Volt and 12Ah.
Electric start models - YUASA type B68, 12 Volt and 32Ah.
The battery is recharged by the alternator through an electronic voltage regulator. The
alternator produces 150 Watts at 12 Volts and is installed on the right hand side of the engine.
Emergency Switch
The emergency earthing switch on the right handlebar is required by American law. It operates
by earthing out the two transducers, thus stopping the engine immediately.
Make sure the switch is returned to the RUN position after the engine has stopped.
MAINTENANCE (750 and 860)
The continuing good condition of the motorcycle depends on proper maintenance. By
following the fundamental procedures below you can avoid most serious trouble and continue
to enjoy excellent performance and reliabilty from your motorcycle. The operations to be
carried out are subdivided according to the mileage covered by the motorcycle, and the


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