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Ducati 750 Sport Owner's Manual Page 16

Ducati motorcycles owner's manual.
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The motorcyle should be washed and cl.eaned periodically, according to the length of time it has
been in use and the nature of the roads covered.
- Clean the engine with paraffin and wipe it dry with a clean rag.
- Wash down the painted parts of the frame with water, using a sponge for washing and a
chamois leather for drying.
- Never use solvents, petrol, spirit or paraffin on the paintwork as they wil dull the finish.
- Grease the chromium plated parts with vaseline and polish with a chamois leather.
Laying the motorcycle up for long periods
If the motorcycle has to be stored for a long period it is advisable
to adopt the following
- Clean the motorcyde thoroughly.
- Empty the fuel tank.
- Take out the battery and keep it charged.
- Squirt some oil into the cylinders through the spark plug holes and turn the engine several
times by hand, to distribute a thin film of oil on the cylinder walls.
- Lift the machine so that the motor rests on a block of wood and deflate the tyres.
- Cover the machine with a canvass or other waterproof cover.
Running-in Precautions 860
During the first 2,500 (1,500 miles) do not exceed 4,000 r.p.m. After the first 1,000 Km (600
miles) replace the crankcase oil and filter. Subsequent oil changes should be carried out every
5,000 Km (3,000 miles) and the filter replaced every 10,000 Km (6,000 miles).
Periodic Disc Brake Maintenance (750 and 860)
Clean the hydraulic pump and calipers clean but NEVER use petrol or oiL. When necessary use
brake fluid, taking care not to touch paintwork which could be damaged.
Maintain the level of fluid in the reservoir at about 8-1 0 mm below the rim. Always replace the
rubber casing and tighten the cover.
. Check that the hydraulic line is not damaged in any way and that there are no fluid leaks.
When the brake pads are worn to about 1.5 mm of the shoulder plate they should be
renewed. -
Replacement of brake pads
Remove the securing cotter pins and extract the pads. Clean the visible parts of the pistons with
a clean rag moistened with brake fluid, NEVER with petrol or oil, when they are clean, replace
the pistons in the calipers. When remounting the pistons it is advisable to release some fluid
from the caliper drain screw, to avoid fluid spiling from the reservoir. Ensure that the screw is
closed securely after replacing the pistons.
Clean the inner parts of the pad mountings, insert the new pads and fit new cotter pins,
bending the ends with pliers to secure them.
Operate the brake lever several times to allow the new pads to settle into position and, if
necessary, restore the fluid level in the reservoir.
Avoid sudden braking immediately after fitting new pads.


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