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Ducati motorcycles owner's manual.
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recommendations which follow are, of course, only indicative, because lubrication, checking
and adjustment depend also on the nature of the road travelled, seasonal temperatures and the
length of the intervening period.
Every 500 Km (300 miles)
- Top up the oil level in the crankcase.
- Check the tyre pressure.
- Tighten the cylinder head bolts.
- Adjust the brakes.
- Check the clearance between valves and rockers, placing the appropriate shim on the valve
stem or adjusting to restore the specified clearances.
Every 1,000 Km (600 miles)
- Check and adjust the distance between the spark plug electrodes to about 0.8 mm (0.0315")
and clean them with a small wire brush and some petrol.
- Clean the contact breaker platinum plates with a rag damped in petrol and check the
distance between them, the gap should be 0.3 to 0.4mm (750 only).
- Check the valve clearances as mentioned above.
Every 1,500 Km (900 miles)
- Check the speedometer drive and lubricate with grease.
Every 2,000 Km (about 1,200 miles)
- Change the crankcase oil, draining it while the engine is hot, and making sure that the oil
drains off completely.
- Remove the carburettor air filters and clean with compressed air.
- Clean out the carburettor float chamber, the main jet and the idle jet.
- Readjust the clutch to take up any wear on the plates.
- Lubricate the hinge of the rear fork.
- Dampen the lubricating wick of the contact breaker cam with thin mineral oiL.
- Uniformly tighten the nipples of the spokes and check that the wheel nuts are secure.
Every 20,000 Km (about 12,400 miles)
- Dismantle the exhaust pipes and cylinders, in order to remove the carbon deposit from the
cylinder heads and pistons. This should preferably be carried out by a Ducati servicing garage.
Headlamp alignment -750
It is advisable to check the alignment of the headlamp periodically as follows:
- Place the motorcycle at a distance of 5 meters (16.404 ft) from a vertical wall.
- Make sure that the ground is even and that the axis of the headlamp is perpendicular to the
- The motorcycle must be held upright by the rider and not rest on the centre stand.
- Draw
a cross on the wall at a height of 0.890 meters (2.920 ft).
- When the high beam is switched on, the cross should be in the centre of the beam.
- To adjust the alignment of the headlamp use the two fixing screws on the front fork or the
three screws on the headlamp ring.
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