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Ducati 750 Sport Owner's Manual Page 19

Ducati motorcycles owner's manual.
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Compression low.
A valve spring is broken.
Valve sticking.
The rocker adjuster is worn out.
The battery is discharged.
The battery quickly discharges because of
a fault or break in the recharging circuit.
With key not inserted battery discharges.
Check if the sparking plug has been
tightly screwed in, check the valves for
gas-tightness and the tightness of the
piston rings.
Change the broken spring.
Dismantle the valve, clean the valve
stem and the bore of the valve guide,
and make sure that the clearance
between stem and bore does not exceed
0.8mm (0.0032").
Recheck the clearance by fitting the
rocker shim on the valve stem end.
Recharge the battery according to the
instructions on page 11.
Disconnect the wire from the + ter-
minal block ofthe battery.
- Insert an ammeter in between the
terminal clamp and the wire.
- Insert the ignition key and let the
engine turn, til attaining 6,000 r.p.m.
The ammeter should show:
a) maximum current about 10A, with
completely discharged battery.
b) minimum current about 1A, with
completely charged battery.
According to the battery load condition,
you wil obtain intermediate figures.
These tests must be carried out with
switched off headlight.
Checking the Electrical System.
Make sure that all the bulbs are
1) With the lights switched off, the
ammeter should read 0 at 1,100 r.p.m.
2) With town lights
switched on (during
the night) the ammeter should read
Oat 1,400 r.p.m. approx.
3) With the antidazzle lights switched
on the ammeter should read 0 at 2,300
r.p.m. approx.
Check if there are earthed contacts in
the system.


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