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Aävance - Ducati 750 Sport Owner's Manual

Ducati motorcycles owner's manual.
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Plate holder - The rear number plate is lit by a two filament 5/21 Watt bulb.
Handlebar controls - Left hand side: light switch and horn button.
Right hand side: Switch for emergency lights and indicators.
Fittin~ of Direction Indicators
The four lamps must be mounted on the supports already designed on the motorcycle. Using
cable with a 1 mm square cross section connectthe front indicators to the terminals inside the
headlamp and the rear ones from the fuse box terminals under the saddle, ensuring that 12 Volt,
15 Watt bulbs are used.
.The handlebar control is already connected.
The engine cannot be run without a battery as there would be no current to the rectifier. In fact
the engine can only be started if the battery voltage exceeds 8 volts.
The battery cables must not be detached while the engine is running as this would damage
the rectifier.
Advantages of the Electrical System
The electrical system employed in the Ducati 750 GT offers sevèral advantages over previous
systems. The four fused circuits in particular simplify the tracing of electrical failures, while
allowing the unaffected circuits to continue functioning.
Operation of the Electrical System
1. Key inserted:
The engine can be started and the white ignition light in the centre of the dashboard
remains alight until the engine is stopped. The battery is recharged while the engine is
Light Switch: Centre position - Lights off
Left position - The rear and front parking lights come on as well as the
green warning light on the dashboard.
Right position - The headlight comes on and can be switched to low or
high beam, the red warning light on the dashboard in-
dicates high beam.
In all positions the battery charge remains balanced. When the headlight is switched on the
small parking light is also on, giving the rider a safety light in the event of the main bulb
burning out.
The horn operates.
The stop light operates.
2. Key not inserted:
The engine cannot be started.
Light Switch: All positions remain as above.
The connection between the battery and the electronic current regulator is cut.
The horn does not operate.
The stop light does not operate.
Periodically check the ignition spark advance (after the first 600 and later every 1,200 miles);
ensure that the automatic advance works properly, that it is lubricated and that the springs are
neither out of shape nor out of place.
The rotary movement of the automatic advance must be 140, equal to 280 on the driving
shaft. If you have any doubt get it checked by a specialist workshop. To check the spark
advance, proceed as follows:


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