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Motherboard Jumper Settings - Mitsubishi Electric MS Series Owner's Handbook Manual

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Motherboard jumper settings

There are only a few jumpers on the motherboard
that you may need to alter. All others are set at the
factory and should not be changed.
On the motherboard, pin 1 of each jumper block is
indicated by a small triangular marking.
Do not change jumper settings unnecessarily
Do not alter any jumpers or switch settings other than
those identified in this chapter, unless told to by your
Mitsubishi Electric PC supplier or an authorised
maintainer. Otherwise, you may damage the system
processor, the motherboard, or both.
M o t h e r b o a r d F e a t u r e s & U p g r a d e s : P e n t i u m s y s t e m s
Processor bus speed (J10)
After upgrading your processor, but before turning on
the system, you need to change some jumper settings
in jumper block J10 to match the speed (in
megahertz) of the new processor.
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