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Mitsubishi Electric MS Series Owner's Handbook Manual page 12

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Easy Manager
Easy Manager is a collection of software from Mitsubishi
Electric, designed to make life easier for new computer
In the Windows taskbar is a Mitsubishi Electric symbol.
If you click it a pop-up menu appears listing all the
elements of Easy Manager.
Use the Help option to learn how to use the Easy
Manager software.
Answerphone answers your incoming telephone calls
automatically. Calls may be either voice messages (voice
mail) or fax messages.
Easy Manager Configuration allows you to say which
parts of the Easy Manager collection you want to use.
Entertainment Centre offers easy access to a range of
games, reference and productivity programs, some of
which may be pre-installed on your computer's hard disk
or supplied on CD.
Message Centre is the place where incoming electronic
mail (e-mail), voice and fax messages are available for
you to review, and where you can create and send your
own outgoing e-mail and fax messages. You can also set
up short "reminders" for yourself, family members, and
friends who use your computer.
Power Management allows you to program the automatic
power saving features of your computer.



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