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Safety And Regulatory Notices - Mitsubishi Electric MS Series Owner's Handbook Manual

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Safety and Regulatory Notices

The computer uses a safety ground and must be earthed.
The system unit AC power cord is its 'disconnect device'. Ensure
that the system unit is positioned close to the AC power outlet and
that the plug is easily accessible.
The power cord packed with the computer complies with the safety
standards applicable in the country in which it is first sold. Use
only this power cord. Do not substitute a power cord from any
other equipment.
To prevent fire and electric shock, do not expose any part of the
computer to rain or moisture. Turn off the computer and unplug
all power cords before moving or cleaning the system unit, or removing
the system unit top cover.
This product contains a lithium battery.
Do not use a metal or other conductive implement to remove the
battery. If a short-circuit is made between its positive and negative
terminals the battery may explode.
Replace a discharged battery with one of the same type; another
type may explode or ignite. Follow the instructions contained in
the Owner's Handbook to replace the battery.
Dispose of a discharged battery promptly and in accordance with
the battery manufacturer's recommended instructions. Do not
recharge, disassemble or incinerate the discharged battery. Keep
away from children.
Laser products
Any CD-ROM drive fitted in this system is classified as a CLASS 1
LASER PRODUCT according to IEC825 Radiation Safety of Laser
Products (Equipment Classification: Requirements and User's Guide).
The CLASS 1 LASER PRODUCT label is located on the
underside of the system unit.
The CD-ROM drive contains a laser system which is harmful to
the eyes if exposed. Do not attempt to disassemble the CD-ROM
drive; if a fault occurs, call an authorised maintainer.
Use the CD-ROM drive only as described in this manual. Failure
to do so may result in exposure to hazardous radiation.
When positioning the system unit, monitor and keyboard, take
into account any local or national regulations relating to ergonomic


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