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Common Problems - Mitsubishi Electric MS Series Owner's Handbook Manual

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Common problems

If you encounter a problem with the computer the
following sections suggest checks to make before you
alert your supplier, authorised maintainer or support
organisation. The checks listed cover the causes of
common problems.
Check that all power and signal cables are securely
connected to the correct port on the computer.
The keyboard and mouse are particularly easy to
connect into the wrong port. Although the connectors
are identical, the keyboard will not work if plugged
into the mouse port, and vice versa.
Check that the AC power supply is switched on, and
that the fuse in the AC plug (if any) has not blown. If
the system still does not seem to be getting power,
obtain another power cord from your supplier.
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If there is no display check that the monitor is turned
on, and the brightness and contrast controls are not
too low.
If you have fitted a new video controller expansion
card and subsequently encounter problems try
disabling the on-board video controller by removing a
jumper from the motherboard. See the appropriate
Motherboard Features & Upgrades chapter for more
If the screen cursor moves jerkily, the ball inside the
mouse may require cleaning. Open the base of the
mouse can clean the ball in water mixed with a small
amount of mild detergent. Clean any grease and dust
from the rollers inside the mouse with a cotton swab
moistened with a solvent cleaner.


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