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Mitsubishi Electric MS Series Owner's Handbook Manual page 105

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Diskette drive
If you have problems accessing a diskette, check that
it is inserted correctly, that it has been correctly
formatted, that it is not write-protected, and that the
diskette drive controller is enabled. Some application
software also may not allow you to read or write to
diskettes during certain other operations, or until you
are about to exit the program.
CD-ROM drive
If you have problems accessing a CD, check that you
have allowed a few seconds for the disk to spin up to
full speed, that the disk is the correct way up in the
drive (printed side upwards) and that it is a data CD.
Remember that with a conventional CD-ROM drive
you cannot write to a CD.
Hard disk drives
If you encounter problems accessing a hard disk drive,
use the BIOS Setup utility to check that the drive is
correctly specified, and that the drive's controller is
enabled. Check also that the disk has been correctly
formatted, and that the permissions assigned by the
operating system allow the intended access.
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T r o u b l e s h o o t i n g
If the system processor starts to overheat, it will
automatically slow down or stop altogether. The
computer is designed to operate in room temperatures
between 10 and 35
C. If the room temperature is
within these limits, turn off the computer and check
that the power lead of the processor's fan-sink
(combined fan and heat sink) is properly connected to
the motherboard. See the appropriate Motherboard
Features & Upgrades chapter for help in identifying
the right motherboard connector.



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