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Welcome - Mitsubishi Electric MS Series Owner's Handbook Manual

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This first chapter gives you a quick tour of your new
Apricot MS Series Personal Computer. It lists the
special features of the computer and has pictorial
guides to help you identify the various parts.
If you want to get started working with your Apricot
PC straight away, unpack and assemble it as shown on
the accompanying Welcome Mat, then read the Quick
Start Guide at the front of this manual.
After unpacking your computer, keep all the cartons,
boxes and packaging materials; you will need them
again if you have to transport the computer elsewhere.
Use the page at the end of this manual to make a note
of the manufacturer's data recorded on the various
components (product codes, serial numbers, etc.). A
service engineer may need this information if the
computer develops a fault.
For your own safety
Read the Safety & Regulatory Notices section at the start
of this manual before using the computer for the first
Standard features
Pentium MMX or Pentium II MMX processor
At least 16 Mbytes of main memory
512 Kbyte memory cache
ATI 3D Rage Pro video system
At least 2 Mbytes of video memory
CD-ROM drive
Sound Blaster Pro-compatible audio system
Stereo, line-in and line-out audio sockets
MIDI/Joystick port
Two USB ports
Serial and ECP Parallel ports
Stereo speakers (and optional sub-woofer)
Easy Manager software
Enhanced features (factory options)
FireWire, S-Video and Composite Video ports
Wavetable or DSP audio enhancement
SPDIF digital audio port
Infra-red remote control
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