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Partitioning And Formatting The Drive - Mitsubishi Electric MS Series Owner's Handbook Manual

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Check to ensure that no other cables or
connections have become dislodged or trapped
during the work, then refit the system unit

Partitioning and formatting the drive

If the computer does not automatically detect the new
drive the first time you turn it on, start the BIOS
Setup utility, go to the Advanced menu and change
the Reset Configuration Data item to "Yes", then
restart the computer.
The new drive will initially be blank. Before you can
use the drive, you must partition and format it.
With Windows 95, you use the MS-DOS Fdisk
program to create partitions on the disk. The Fdisk
program can be run in an MS-DOS window within
Windows. Type Help Fdisk at the MS-DOS
command prompt to find out more. After using
Fdisk, you are prompted to restart the computer.
Once back in Windows, you can format the partitions
by opening the My Computer folder, selecting the
new Drive icon and choosing the Format command
from the File menu.
When you run Fdisk, it assumes that you want to work
with the first, or master, drive (it says the
fixed disk drive
slave drive, choose
Select next fixed disk
(option 5) from the main menu.
H a r d D i s k U p g r a d e s
). To switch attention to the
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