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Multimedia - Mitsubishi Electric MS Series Owner's Handbook Manual

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Your Apricot MS Series computer has sophisticated
on-board video and audio systems and a range of
ports and sockets for multimedia applications (some
available only on enhanced models). With the
appropriate software and peripherals, the computer
can be used for:
3-D computer games
Video conferencing
Animated graphics production and editing
Digital audio editing and MIDI sequencing
Digital video editing (requires a fast second hard
Ports and sockets are located on the front bezel and
on the motherboard at the rear of the system unit. See
the Welcome chapter if you need help identifying these
ports and sockets.
Technical summary
The video system is ATI Technologies' 3D Rage Pro. This
accelerates 3-D and motion video, supports Windows
Direct3D, and assists DVD/MPEG-2 video decoding. In
some models the 3D Rage Pro is augmented by an ATI
ImpacTV part providing TV output. The video system
can be enhanced by fitting an MPEG-2 or TV tuner
expansion card and interfacing it through the VESA
The audio system is a Crystal Semiconductors part which
is compatible with Sound Blaster Pro. Depending on the
model, it may be enhanced by Sound Retrieval System
(SRS) 3-D sound technology and a General MIDI
wavetable music synthesiser. Some models are factory-
fitted with a Crystal Semiconductors CS4610 audio
enhancement DSP, which provides acceleration of
Windows Direct Sound, Direct3DSound, Wavetable
Synthesis and Dolby AC-3 decoding.
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