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Reserving Isa Legacy Resources - Mitsubishi Electric MS Series Owner's Handbook Manual

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Reserving ISA legacy resources

If the computer does not automatically detect the new
expansion card the first time you turn it on, start the
BIOS Setup utility, go to the Advanced menu and
change the Reset Configuration Data item to "Yes".
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E x p a n s i o n C a r d s
Position the expansion card above the slot in
which you wish to install it. Align the rear of the
card with the slot in the rear of the system unit,
and, if the card is full length, align the front of
the card with the card guide.
Slide the card into the slot ensuring that the card
edge connector engages correctly with the socket
on the riser board. Do not use excessive force.
Secure the card by replacing the screw that you
removed in Step 4.
10. Connect any necessary signal cables to the card.
11. Ensure no other cables or connectors have
become dislodged, then replace the side and top
If you have just installed an ISA card, you must also
reserve or exclude the legacy resources (that is, the
interrupts and UMB regions) used by the card. This is
necessary so that any Plug and Play components can
be configured automatically and won't try to use the


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