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Mitsubishi Electric MS Series Owner's Handbook Manual page 10

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Infotrade Internet - The Internet service from Mitsubishi Electric
By connecting your computer to the phone network,
you can use your computer as an answerphone and fax
machine. You can also access the Internet, and in
particular the World Wide Web (WWW).
To get you started, we have provided the Infotrade
Internet service (this offer applies only in the United
Kingdom). Infotrade is a subsidiary of Mitsubishi
Electric, the makers of your Apricot PC.
Details of the Infotrade Internet offer are given on the
promotional leaflet that came with your computer.
Infotrade also offers a variety of personal finance services.
These services are entirely optional and separate from
the Internet service. To find out more, double-click the
Infotrade Internet Help icon on the Windows 95
Although we recommend the Infotrade Internet service, and
have made it very easy for Apricot PC users to subscribe to
it, there are other possibilities. On the Windows 95 desktop
is an icon for The Microsoft Network, which is the on-line
service provided by Microsoft itself. You can find setup
programs for other on-line service providers in the On-line
Services folder (also on the desktop).



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