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Mitsubishi Electric MS Series Owner's Handbook Manual page 8

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Electronic Fingerprinting
Electronic Fingerprinting allows you to 'brand' your
computer by storing personal information in its
permanent memory. If you include your name, address
and phone number this will aid the police if your
computer is stolen.
The Apricot Electronic Fingerprinting program appears
every time you start Windows 95 until you have branded
the computer. If you don't brand your computer
promptly, someone else might do it before you!
After you have entered your details you are prompted to
set a branding password. This password will be requested
if you ever need to run the Electronic Fingerprinting
program again to change the branding information (for
example, if you change address).
Optionally, for extra security, you can decide that this
same password is requested every time the computer is
turned on, or every time the mains power supply is
If you forget your branding password, you can use a
special fall-back password instead. The fall-back password
is a 12-digit number that is unique to your computer. It
is displayed only once, the first time you set a branding
Click the Help button in Electronic Fingerprinting for
more information.
Be careful
Do not turn off the computer while using the Electronic
Fingerprinting program. It might corrupt your computer's
Write down the fall-back password
The fall-back password is displayed only once. You must make
a note of the password immediately, because you will never
see it again. There is a page at the end of this manual where
you can write it down.



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