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Mitsubishi Electric MS Series Owner's Handbook Manual page 58

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If you have this type of socket, press the tabs on both of
the socket's end clips at the same time. This releases the
DIMM and lifts it partly out of the socket.
If you have this type of socket, carefully ease apart the
clips at each end to free the DIMM. The DIMM can
then be tilted forward and lifted out of the socket.
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M o t h e r b o a r d F e a t u r e s & U p g r a d e s : P e n t i u m s y s t e m s
Removing a DIMM
If you need to start by removing a DIMM, follow the
diagrams on the left, depending on what type of
socket you have.
Hold the DIMM by its ends and avoid touching the
metal contacts. Place the DIMM in suitable anti-static



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