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Configuring The Drive - Mitsubishi Electric MS Series Owner's Handbook Manual

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This system complies with the CE Marking Directive and
its strict legal requirements. Use only parts tested and
approved by Mitsubishi Electric PC Division. Failure to
do so may result in invalidating both the compliance and
your warranty. All expansion cards, drives and
peripherals must carry the CE mark to ensure continued

Configuring the drive

Hard disk drives typically require configuration,
perhaps by altering jumpers on the drive itself, prior
to installation. Configuration details vary from drive
to drive: a second E-IDE hard disk drive needs to be
configured as the slave drive; a SCSI drive must be
configured with a device ID number, indicating its
logical position on the SCSI bus. Most drives are
supplied with documentation describing how to
configure the drive. If you are uncertain about
configuring the drive consult your supplier.
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H a r d D i s k U p g r a d e s
After you have upgraded your computer, it may not at
first recognise the new configuration. Start the BIOS
Setup utility, go to the Advanced menu and change the
Reset Configuration Data item to "Yes", then restart the
The example 5.25-inch drive shown below is configured
as master or slave by the position of a jumper on the rear
of the drive.


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