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Mitsubishi Electric MS Series Owner's Handbook Manual page 5

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Starting the computer
Press the P
Turn on the monitor as described in its User Guide.
The colour of the Power Mode light turns from red to
green to show that the computer is now working.
Suspending the computer
Once Windows has started, you can give the P
button a brief press to suspend the computer when you
aren't using it. Alternatively, you can click the Start button
in the Windows taskbar, then click Suspend.
To wake up the computer, you have to press the P
button again – just moving the mouse or using the
keyboard won't work.
While the computer is suspended its processor stops, its
hard disk stops spinning and the monitor goes blank,
but none of your files are lost.
In Suspend mode the Power Mode light is yellow.
button to turn on the computer.
Future versions of Windows will allow you to redefine the
button so that when you press it the operating system
shuts down and the PC goes directly into Off mode.
Automatic power saving
During periods of inactivity the computer automatically
reduces the power consumption of idle components. For
example, the monitor screen may go blank. This power-
reduced state is known as Standby mode (the Power Mode
light stays green). If the inactivity is prolonged the
computer goes into full Suspend mode (the Power Mode
light is yellow).
While in Standby mode you can move the mouse or press
any keyboard key to resume working. Once the computer
goes into Suspend mode only the P
You can adjust automatic power saving with the Power
Management program, which is provided as part of the
Easy Manager software collection.
button can wake



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