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Replacing The Configuration Battery - Mitsubishi Electric MS Series Owner's Handbook Manual

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Replacing the configuration battery

The computer keeps a record of its current hardware
configuration in a CMOS memory chip which is
sustained by a small battery. This battery has a life of
up to 5 years. If you find that you have to reconfigure
the computer every time you turn it on, the battery is
probably failing and needs to be replaced.
The battery is a 3 volt lithium type (CR2032 or
equivalent) typically used in calculators and other
small, battery-powered electronic items.
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M o t h e r b o a r d f e a t u r e s a n d u p g r a d e s : P e n t i u m I I s y s t e m s
To replace the battery
Turn off the computer and unplug all power
Take suitable anti-static precautions and remove
the right side panel. For more information see
the section on "Anti-static precautions" in the
Safety & Regulatory Notices at the start of this
Using a non-conductive implement, release the
latch that holds the battery in place. The battery
will pop up allowing you to lift it out of the
You must not use a metal or other conductive
implement to remove the battery. If a short-circuit
is accidentally made between the battery's positive
and negative terminals, the battery may explode.
Check that the replacement battery looks the
same as the battery you have removed.


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