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Mitsubishi Electric MS Series Owner's Handbook Manual page 59

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Inserting a DIMM
When you take the DIMM out of its anti-static
packaging, hold it by its ends and avoid touching the
metal contacts.
Follow the diagrams on the left to insert the DIMM,
depending on what type of socket you have.
In either case, there are asymmetrical indents along
the connector edge that prevent the DIMM being
fitted into the socket the wrong way round.
Do not use excessive force. If the module will not fit
easily, remove it and start again.
When you have finished, replace any expansion cards
you needed to remove, then refit the right side panel.
If the computer does not automatically detect the new
memory the first time you turn it on, start the BIOS
Setup utility, go to the Advanced menu and change
the Reset Configuration Data item to "Yes", then
restart the computer.
If an error message appears, check that the DIMMs
are of the correct type and are seated correctly in their
M o t h e r b o a r d F e a t u r e s & U p g r a d e s : P e n t i u m s y s t e m s
If you have this type of socket, the DIMM is inserted
vertically and held in place by the clips at each end.
If you have this type of socket, the DIMM is inserted at a
slight angle then leant back in the socket until it clips
into place.
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