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Mitsubishi Electric MS Series Owner's Handbook Manual page 7

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Registering Windows 95
Your computer has the Microsoft Windows 95 operating
system already in place or pre-installed, so that it is ready
for you when you turn on the computer.
The first time you turn on the computer you must tell
Windows 95 your name (and the name of the company
for which you work, if applicable) and agree to the legal
terms and conditions of the Windows 95 Licence
Windows 95 then spends a few minutes analysing your
computer and configuring itself to take full advantage of
your computer's components.
During the process, you will need to enter your unique
Windows 95 serial number. You will find this on the
Microsoft Certificate of Authenticity which forms part
of your Windows documentation. Remember to keep
this certificate safe for future use.
Windows 95 also offers you the opportunity to install a
printer. However, you do not have to install a printer at
this time if you don't want to.
You only register once
All of this only happens the first time you turn on your
computer. After that Windows 95 starts normally, except
that you may be reminded if you haven't made any back-up
diskettes yet.



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