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General Advice - Mitsubishi Electric MS Series Owner's Handbook Manual

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General advice

This computer is designed to be used in a normal
home or office environment. Here are a few hints for
choosing a suitable site:
Place the system unit flat on a sturdy, level
surface, free from vibration.
Site the computer away from moisture, direct
sunlight, and extremes of heat and cold. Avoid
situations in which the surrounding temperature
or humidity may change rapidly. When the
computer is in use, the temperature should be
between 10 and 35
20% and 80% (with no condensation).
When positioning the system unit, monitor and
keyboard, take into account any local or national
regulations relating to ergonomic requirements.
For example, you should ensure that little or no
light is reflected off the monitor screen as glare,
and that the keyboard is placed in a comfortable
position for typing.
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C and humidity between
Give the computer plenty of room so that air
can circulate on all sides. Air is drawn into the
system unit through vents at the front and on
the left-hand side, and expelled through the vent
on the back. Ensure that these vents are never
Do not allow any cables, particularly power cords, to
trail across the floor where people walking past can
snag them.
The computer uses the system unit AC power cord as its
'disconnect device'. Ensure that the system unit is
positioned close to the AC power outlet, and that the plug
is easily accessible.
To prevent fire and electric shock, do not expose any part
of the system unit to rain or moisture.


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