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Mitsubishi Electric MS Series Owner's Handbook Manual page 6

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Shutting down the computer
To shut down the computer safely, do the following:
Wait until all the activity indicators on the front
bezel show 'not busy'.
Turn off any attached peripherals, except for the
monitor and other peripherals that are designed to
be kept on permanently.
Click the Start button in the Windows taskbar, then
click Shut Down. Select Shutdown the computer
and click Yes.
The Power Mode light goes from green to red.
Note that you do not have to press the P
Windows is running.
You don't have to turn off the monitor
Because the monitor gets its power from the computer, once
you turn the monitor on you should never need to turn it
off, except to move or open up the computer.
Emergency shut down
In exceptional circumstances, you can shut down your
PC without shutting down Windows first. To do this,
press and hold down the P
The computer also shuts itself down if you press the
button in MS-DOS or before Windows starts.
Make sure it is an emergency!
In an emergency shut down, you may lose any recent changes
made to the files you are currently working on. The Microsoft
ScanDisk program will run automatically when the
computer next starts, to check for disk errors.
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Energy Star
The aim of these various power modes is to cut your
electricity bill and conserve resources. Energy Star is an
internationally recognised standard for such energy-
efficient computer systems.
Your computer will always meet the Energy Star standard
in Suspend mode, when the Power Mode light is yellow.
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