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Mitsubishi Electric MS Series Owner's Handbook Manual page 104

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If the keyboard response is poor, something may be
trapped under the keys. Turn the keyboard upside
down and shake it; do not probe between the keys as
this may cause further damage.
If you spill something on the keyboard and it stops
If the liquid is viscous, unplug the keyboard and
call your supplier or an authorised maintainer.
If the liquid is thin and clear, try unplugging the
keyboard, turning it upside down to let the
liquid drain out, and drying it for at least 24
hours at room temperature. If the keyboard still
won't work, call your supplier or an authorised
Expansion cards
If an expansion card does not work, check that all
internal cables are securely connected, that the card is
configured correctly, that its use of system resources
does not conflict another card or motherboard
component, and that legacy resources (if it is an ISA
card) are properly declared in the BIOS Setup utility.
Check also that the software which drives or uses the
card is correctly configured.
System BIOS
Use the BIOS Setup utility to ensure that the settings
are correct. If the settings appear to have altered, there
may be a fault with the CMOS battery which may
need to be replaced (see the appropriate Motherboard
Features & Upgrades chapter for instructions).
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