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Installing In The Rear Drive Bay - Mitsubishi Electric MS Series Owner's Handbook Manual

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9b. If you are fitting a SCSI drive, attach a spare
connector on the SCSI ribbon (signal) cable to
the slave drive.

Installing in the rear drive bay

The rear drive bay is intended for 3.5-inch SCSI hard
disk drives.
Turn off the computer and unplug all power
If there is a diskette in the diskette drive, remove
Take suitable anti-static precautions and remove
all the system panels. For more information see
"Anti-static precautions" in the Safety &
Regulatory Notices at the start of this manual.
If the rear drive bay already contains a SCSI
drive, unplug the SCSI ribbon (signal) cable and
power cables from that drive.
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H a r d D i s k U p g r a d e s
10. Check to ensure that no other cables or
connections have become dislodged or trapped
during the work, then refit the internal metal
blanking plate, the plastic front bezel and the
system unit panels.
Remove the two screws that secure the rear drive
bay to the chassis and take the bay out of the
system unit.
Mount the new drive within the bay using the
special screws provided with the drive. The first
drive in the bay must be secured by its base, the
second drive must be secured by its sides.
Return the rear drive bay to the system unit and
secure it in place using the screws you removed
at Step 5.
Attach SCSI ribbon cables and spare power
cables to the drives (it does not matter greatly
which of the available power cables you choose).


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