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Mitsubishi Electric MS Series Owner's Handbook Manual page 98

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System cache error - cache disabled
The RAM cache failed POST and BIOS disabled
System CMOS checksum bad - run Setup
System CMOS has been corrupted or modified
incorrectly, perhaps by an application program
that changes data stored in CMOS. Run BIOS
Setup and reconfigure the system either by
getting the default values or by making your own
System timer error
A service engineer may need to replace your
Terminal POST errors and beep codes
There are several POST routines that shut down the
computer if they fail. If possible, the BIOS displays a
two-digit hexadecimal code and/or sounds a sequence
of beeps to identify the point at which POST failed.
The most usual errors are listed in the table overleaf.
The BIOS also issues one long tone followed by two
short tones if the video system is faulty or if an
external ROM module (including video ROM) fails.
Turn off the computer for 30 seconds and then try
again. If the fault persists, make a note of the error
code (if any) and call your supplier or authorised
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