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Mitsubishi Electric MS Series Owner's Handbook Manual page 20

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Connecting to the AC power supply
Any peripheral equipment that requires an AC power cord must be
Use the following guidance to connect the components together. It
is important that you take each step in the order indicated.
Before connecting any components, ensure that the AC
power supply is switched off or disconnected, and that the
system unit, the monitor, and any peripherals are turned off.
Connect the components' signal cables to their respective
ports on the system unit: keyboard, mouse, monitor, audio
(where appropriate) and any other peripherals. Where
appropriate, connect the computer to the network.
Connect the components' power cords: monitor to system
unit, and system unit and any other peripherals to nearby,
grounded AC power outlets. Then switch on or connect the
AC power supply.
Turn on the system unit first, then the monitor, then other
External speakers (where supplied)
Always switch off or disconnect the AC supply before
disconnecting any of the speaker leads, whether audio or power.
Disconnect the AC supply from the speaker power unit when not
in use for any period of time.
To prevent the risk of electric shock, do not remove speaker covers.
Connecting the speaker power cord to any other cords or joining
cords together can cause fire and risk of electric shock.
Power Cable Connections - UK ONLY
This equipment is supplied with an AC power cord that has a non-
removable moulded plug.
Always replace the fuse with one of the same type and rating which
is BSI or ASTA approved to BS1362. Always refit the fuse cover,
never use the plug with the fuse cover omitted.



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