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Selecting A Usb Storage Medium As Data Source 102; Selecting An Ipod - Silvercrest CRB-532 Instructions Manual

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14.2 Selecting a USB storage medium as data source
To play back audio tracks from a storage medium (e.g. USB stick, 2.5-inch USB hard drive) connected to the USB connection,
press the "MODE" button
to select "USB" as the data source.
Then the device will read the audio tracks that can be reproduced from the data storage medium and begins to play back the
first track.
The "USB" programme source can only be selected through the "MODE" button
connected to the device.
When you detach the USB storage medium or the plug of the USB connection cable from the device, the device
automatically switches back to the most recently selected programme source.
Please note that only those USB storage media are recognised that have been formatted and written according to the
FAT16 or FAT32 standard. Hard drives formatted in NTFS or Linux are not recognised or supported.

14.3 Selecting an iPod

To select an iPod
as the data source, connect it with the iPod
audio data stored on the iPod
Please note that the memory of an iPod
data from the mass storage level. The iTunes
as data source
can now be played in the same way as on the regular USB storage media.
is differentiated into two different memory levels. The CRB-532 can only play back
level is not supported.
if a USB storage medium has been
connection cable to the USB connection
of the device. The

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents