Basic Functions; Turning On/Off; Changing The Volume - Silvercrest CRB-532 Instructions Manual

Bluetooth car radio
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11 Basic functions

11.1 Turning on/off

To turn on the device, briefly press the "PWR/MUTE" button
"PWR/MUTE" button for more than two seconds. The device will then turn off.
If the device is activated after the ignition has been started, it will automatically turn on and off with the ignition during
subsequent operation. A prerequisite for this is that the contact A7 is connected to terminal 15 of the vehicle (see Abb. 8.3 and
Abb. 8.4).
When the radio is turned on, an automatic antenna that may be installed on the vehicle will also be extended. Before driving
into a car wash, you should therefore always turn off the device in order to avoid damage to the antenna as well as the vehicle.

11.2 Changing the volume

The volume of the device can be changed with the round control dial
the display in the process. The volume scale ranges from 0 - 45.
The volume is not saved when the car radio is turned off. When you switch the car radio back on, the volume level
corresponds to the volume selected in the menu item "INVOL" (see p. 44).
Do not operate the car radio at an excessive volume. Otherwise, there is the risk that you will permanently damage your
Please consider that while using the device you should still be capable of hearing ambient sounds (warning signals, sirens
Make time-consuming or complex changes to your device settings only while parked. Otherwise your concentration might be
affected by the process.
on the operating panel. To turn the device off, press the
. The current volume of the device will be indicated on

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents