Skipping Forward Or Backward In Increments Of Ten; Pause; Repeat Functions (Repeat) - Silvercrest CRB-532 Instructions Manual

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14.9 Skipping forward or backward in increments of ten

If you briefly press the station button "5"
ahead, press the station button "6"


To suspend playback of the current title, press the PAUSE / station button "1"
until the PAUSE / station button "1"

Repeat functions (Repeat)

If you want to continuously repeat the currently played track, briefly press the station button "2"
message "RPT" will be indicated on the display.
To stop the repeat function, press the station button "2"
played back in regular sequence.
during playback, the device will skip back by ten tracks. If you want to skip ten tracks
is pressed again or the device is turned off.
again and the abbreviation RPT is turned off. Then the tracks will be
. Then playback of the current title is stopped
during playback. The

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents