Activation; Insertion Of The Operating Panel; Removal Of The Operating Panel (Anti-Theft Protection) - Silvercrest CRB-532 Instructions Manual

Bluetooth car radio
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10 Activation

10.1 Insertion of the operating panel

In order to activate the car radio, you first have to insert the operating panel.
First slide the operating panel tilted slightly from the right onto the left guide pin, as shown in the
illustration on the right. Then slide the operating panel onto the right guide pin until it audibly snaps
into place. Now carefully flip the operating panel upwards onto the device until it audibly snaps into
place. You can now turn on the device.
If the device was turned on when the operating panel was removed, it will automatically turn on
again after the insertion with the last setting (radio, CD, SD/MMC, USB or AUX IN) as soon as the
ignition is turned on.

10.2 Removal of the operating panel (anti-theft protection)

In order to remove the operating panel and thus protect your car radio from theft, turn off the device
with the "PWR/MUTE" button
. Next, press the button
to flip down the operating panel. Now the
operating panel is released from the device at the top and moves into the flipped-open position. Now
remove the operating panel by first sliding the operating panel slightly to the left and then pulling it
towards you (see illustration). The operating panel then releases from the right guide pin and can
subsequently be detached towards the front. Place the operating panel into the case provided and
take it with you when you leave the car.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents