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Summary of Contents for Silvercrest KH 2391

  • Page 1 Operation manual GB / IE  Operation and Safety Notes  .......... Page  5 KH 2391 KH2391_Cover_UK.indd 5-8 31.08.2006 15:31:28 Uhr...
  • Page 2: Kh2391_Cover_Uk.indd

    Kompernaß GmbH  Burgstraße 21 · D-44867 Bochum (Germany) Last Information Update · Ident.-No.: KH2391-082006-1 / UK KH2391_Cover_UK.indd 9-12 31.08.2006 15:31:35 Uhr...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Content Introduction For your safety ..............Page 6 Proper Use ............... Page 6 Equipment ................ Page 6 Scope of Supply ............... Page 7 Technical Data ..............Page 7 Audio Storage Media ............Page 8 Safety Important Safety Instructions .......... Page 8 Preparation ..............
  • Page 4: Introduction

    Reverse of the Control Panel (see Fig. B) Proper Use Unlock mechanism Plug-in connection strip The KH 2391 car radio is suitable for private use for receiving radio stations in the FM/MW/LW range and Front of the Car Radio (Control Panel removed) (see Fig. C) for playing back CD, CD-R, CD-RW, USB Memory- Stick, MP3 Player, SD and MMC audio storage media.
  • Page 5: Scope Of Supply

    Introduction Plug-in for rear left loudspeaker (-) Rear of the Remote Control (see Fig. G) Flat blade fuse socket Battery compartment f l Flat blade fuse 10 A Battery holder ISO plug jack to the 12 V DC power connection Unlock button (including connection of an automatic aerial) Plug-in for 12 V DC constant current...
  • Page 6: Audio Storage Media

    Introduction / Safety Audio Storage Media Possible Connections ISO: 12 V DC ISO: loudspeaker (max. 2 pairs) (4 - 8 Ohm) Playback MP3 player or USB memory stick Data formats: MP3 with ID3, WAV compatible (USB 1.1 and 2.0) Media: CD, CD-R, CD-RW, SD, MMC, USB 1.1 and SD or MMC 2.0 (stick or plug-in connection) Max.
  • Page 7 Safety · When installing in a motor vehicle please ensure · Do not cover the metal housing with other that the vehicle cannot be operated and has objects! been securely immobilised! · Protect all electrical contact surfaces against Turn off the ignition and park the vehicle with short circuits, moisture, damage and dirt! the handbrake applied.
  • Page 8: Preparation

    Safety / Preparation i LINE OUT: Connection for delivering audio data in the centre and moving towards the outside edge! from a hi-fi device. i Cinch: A standardised plug-in connection for · Please ensure that audio storage media used for playback are not exposed to condensation! transmitting electrical signals.
  • Page 9: Removing The Control Panel From The Car Radio

    Preparation / Installation 1 x Stripping tongs or cable stripping knife each case. Store the installation keys carefully 1 x Screwdriver for future use. 1 x SW 8 spanner (jaw size 8 mm) • Remove the DIN assembly bracket and place 1 x Ballpoint pen it flush in the DIN assembly cut-out of the vehi- cle‘s instrument panel.
  • Page 10: Connecting To The Vehicle's 12 V Dc Power Supply

    Installation Connecting to the vehicle‘s Using one 1 A fuse holder each, connect the 12 V DC power supply cables for the 12 V DC ignition current electric aerial plug-ins to the connection c Warning! cable for 12 V DC ignition current of the vehicle. ·...
  • Page 11: Connecting A Portable Audio Device

    Installation • Then insert the second red plug of the second • Insert the plug of the connection cable of the cinch connection cable as far as it will go into vehicle aerial as far as it will go into the aerial the FRONT cinch plug jack (amplifier connection socket of the car radio.
  • Page 12: Operation

    Installation / Operation Switching off • Place the rear left-hand edge of the control panel on the control panel attachment point on the front of the device. • Press the button . The background • Ensure that the plug-in connection strip illumination of the control panel goes off positioned in front of the connection socket...
  • Page 13: Selecting And Adjusting Playback Functions

    The data are stored for 40 seconds. with traffic information are searched for is 30 sec- onds. MULT ON / OFF (Function not possible on the KH 2391): • Turn the “SEL / VOL” control knob to set the desired function.
  • Page 14: Setting The Volume

    Operation Setting the volume [MULT OFF]: CD playback from the CD compartment • Turn the “SEL / VOL” control knob to set the • Increase the volume by turning the “SEL / VOL” desired function. control knob in a clockwise direction. •...
  • Page 15 Operation released the station search automatically stops -button 3 RPT at the next radio station with ideal reception and -button 4 RDM shows the information in the display window -button -button • Press the button SCAN • The radio station search stops every  seconds The number of the storage location appears in at one of the radio stations that can be received.
  • Page 16: Playing Back Audio Storage Media

    Operation Playing Back Audio Storage Media played back is transmitted. • Press and hold down the button that [REG ON] appears in the display window CDs, CD-Rs and CD-RWs The tuner searches within the surrounding region Tip! for identical radio stations of the radio company. •...
  • Page 17 Operation Accessing Track Passages The tracks of the selected folder appear in the Within a track you can access previous or subse- display window . Press and turn the quent passages. “SEL / VOL” control knob to move within the •...
  • Page 18: Selecting Tracks

    Operation Repeat Insertion • Press the button and the current track • Remove the protective cap from the USB plug 3 RPT is repeated permanently. [RPT ON] appears in • Insert the USB plug of the USB audio storage the display window .
  • Page 19: Remote Control

    Operation / Remote Control / Troubleshooting Disconnection are faulty. • Remove the USB plug of the USB audio storage Check that the wiring of the device is correct medium completely from the USB port (see the section on „Connecting to the Vehicle‘s 12 V DC Power Supply“).
  • Page 20: Care And Maintenance

    Troubleshooting / Care and Maintenance / Disposal Disposal on the ISO plug in the vehicle (various layouts of the respective manufacturers). As soon as the ignition is switched off the internal memory The packaging consists of 100 % environ- of the radio no longer has any power supply. mentally friendly materials which can be The colour coding of the stated cables must be disposed of at the local recycling points.
  • Page 21: Information

    RMA number must be readily visible. Any products sent in without an RMA number cannot be processed. Note: Your warranty claims are not affected by the guarantee. Importer Kompernass GmbH Burgstr. 21 D-44867 Bochum Germany GB/IE KH2391_Content_UK.indd 23...
  • Page 22 GB/IE GB/IE KH2391_Content_UK.indd 24 05.09.2006 14:49:20 Uhr...
  • Page 23 Garantiekarte Guarantee MP3 Car Radio KH 2391 Kompernass Service In order to ensure that your device is repaired free United Kingdom of charge please contact our service hotline. Please 08707/876177 have your sales receipt at hand when doing so. Kompernass Service Ireland 087-99 62 077
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