Playback / Pause; Selecting Or Repeating Tracks; Fast Forward And Reverse Play; Repeat Track (Repeat) - Silvercrest CRB-532 Instructions Manual

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13.3 Playback / pause

To pause playback, briefly press the pause button
"1" button again. The device does not have a stop function.

13.4 Selecting or repeating tracks

By briefly pressing the
the beginning of the current track. If the
press both the
buttons until the number of the desired track appears in the display.

13.5 Fast forward and reverse play

For fast forward play, press the
for fast reverse play and keep it pressed until you have reached the desired point. To control the process, the increase
or decrease in minutes and seconds is indicated on the display.

13.6 Repeat track (repeat)

To repeat a track, briefly press button "2"
repeated continuously.
To end this function, press button "2"
. "PAUSE" will be indicated on the display. To continue playback, press the
, the playback jumps to the next track. If you press the
is pressed twice, the playback reverts to the previous track. You can briefly
and keep it pressed until you have reached the desired point. Likewise, press the
. The abbreviation "RPT" will appear on the display and the current title will be
again. The abbreviation "RPT" will be turned off and playback of the tracks will continue
, the playback returns to

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents