Connecting The Antenna; Supply Voltage - Silvercrest CRB-532 Instructions Manual

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7.2 Connecting the antenna

The device is designed for antennas with an impedance of 75
to 150 . To connect the antenna, plug the antenna cable into
the antenna socket of the device (black cable, socket
on the rear of the device).

7.3 Supply voltage

ISO plug A:
A4: Attach the connection for +12V operational voltage (diameter at least 2.5 mm² for positive and ground wire) to terminal 30
(permanent plus) of the vehicle.
A5: +12 V switching voltage output (max. 0.1 A). When the device is turned on, the switching voltage adjoins contact A5 and
serves to retract or extract an automatic antenna and as operational voltage for antenna amplifiers.
A6: Connection for operating panel light. If this connector is plugged in, the operating panel display is dimmed whenever the
light is switched on.
A7: Connection for +12V trigger voltage. Connect to terminal 15 of the vehicle.
A8: Connect the connection for the ground (diameter at least 2.5 mm² for positive and ground wire) to terminal 31 (ground) of
the vehicle.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents