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Rds; Traffic Announcement ("Ta", Traffic Programme "Tp") - Silvercrest CRB-532 Instructions Manual

Bluetooth car radio
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12.4 RDS

RDS is an information system whose signals are additionally broadcast by most FM stations. With RDS programmes, the name
of the programme appears as an abbreviation on the display. Further information, such as frequency, time and programme type
(PTY) may be faded in. An RDS programme will be broadcast by several stations on different frequencies (alternative
frequencies). If an RDS programme has been selected, the device automatically switches to the alternative frequency that can
be received most clearly, as long as that is available and the AF function (section 13.6) has been turned on.
In order to access the RDS information, repeatedly press the "DIS/REC" button
frequency will appear in sequence on the display.

12.5 Traffic Announcement ("TA", Traffic Programme "TP")

To activate the traffic announcement program, press the "TA/TP" button
and readiness for announcements is turned on.
To deactivate traffic announcements, press the "TA/TP" button
announcements has been switched off.
If the selected station is not a traffic broadcast station, the device automatically starts to scan for the next traffic broadcast
If "TA" is turned on, the CD, SD-MMC, USB and AUX-IN operation is interrupted for a traffic announcement and will be
continued afterwards. For the duration of the traffic alert, "TRAFFIC" will appear on the display. During AUX-IN operation,
the current track will not stop but continue playing. To stop the device connected via AUX-IN, please consult the manual of
the respective manufacturer of the device.
If you only want to hear traffic announcements, turn on the announcement function with the "TA" button and turn the volume
to "VOL 0" with the volume control dial. The device will automatically implement increased volume for traffic announcements.
TA volume can be individually adjusted under the volume item "TAVOL".
. The time, programme type (PTY) and
briefly. The message "TA" will appear on the display
again. The message "TA" disappears and readiness for

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents