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14.7 Searching for track numbers
When searching for track numbers, you have the option of quickly selecting the desired track number.
To start searching for track numbers, briefly press the "AS/PS" button. The message "001" will appear on the display, whereby
the last digit is flashing. A maximum of three digits are available for the search. By turning the control dial
last digit of the search entry and confirm it by pressing the control dial
by turning the control dial
at the start of the search, the device selects the desired file and plays it back. If you do not need the second and/or
third digit for the search, just leave these settings unchanged and begin searching with the "Band" button
If a larger number is selected than there are tracks on the data storage medium, the device will start playing the last track on
the data storage medium.
14.8 Alphabetical search
With an alphabetical search, you have the option of searching tracks on the storage medium according to name or parts of the
name (letter entry) and thereby quickly selecting the desired track.
To start the alphabetical search, briefly press the "AS/PS" button twice. The message "AXX" will appear on the display, whereby
the "A" is flashing. Now you can enter the desired letter by turning the dial
maximum of three letters are available for the search. After you have entered the third letter and have started the search by
pressing the "BAND" button
several search results, they can be viewed by turning the control dial
To start the search without having entered all three letters, press the "BAND" button
name of the first searched title with the searchable letter sequence appears on the display. If there is more than one file, you
can have the different results shown on the display by turning the control dial
To start playback, briefly press the control dial
If the device is unable to find a matching search result, the message "AXX" will be displayed again
and confirm by pressing. Proceed with the third digit in the same way. If you press the "BAND"
, the search will begin, along with the display of files that match the desired track. If there are
. Now the centre digit is flashing. You can also set this
and confirming your selection by pressing it. A
and pressing it to select one.
after entering the last search letter. The
, you can select the

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents