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13 CD Mode

The SilverCrest CRB-532 Bluetooth car radio supports the formats CD-Audio; CD-R; CD-RW and MP3/WMA/OGG-CD.
Conditional on the quality differences of the media as well the characteristics of the recording, it may happen that some
individually recorded CDs are unable to be read. Such events do not constitute a malfunction of the device.
Audio CDs (CD-R and CD-RW) that are recorded individually have to be finalised at the end of the burning process.
Note that the file names of the audio tracks have to correspond to ISO-9660 standard. During the playback of MP3 CDs,
individual tracks may be skipped or not played back correctly. This may be due to the respective disc configuration, the
decoder software, or the hardware that was used for the recording.
Copy-protected CDs do not correspond to the specifications of audio CDs (CD-DA), do not carry the respective logo, and
can therefore cause playback errors.

13.1 Selecting a CD as a programme source

To play a CD, turn on the device with the "PWR/MUTE" button
begins at the track heard before turning off the device. If the device is set to another programme source, press the "MODE"
until you get to the CD function. The display will indicate the message "TOC READ".
The programme source "CD" can only be selected through the "MODE" button
. If the device was turned off during CD operation, playback
if there is a CD in the CD slot.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents