Usb/Mp3/Wma/Ogg And Sd/Mmc Mode; Connecting/Removing A Usb Storage Medium 101 - Silvercrest CRB-532 Instructions Manual

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14 USB/MP3/WMA/OGG and SD/MMC Mode

14.1 Connecting/removing a USB storage medium
To connect a USB storage medium, remove the protective rubber cap on the USB connection
plug the storage medium directly into the USB connection
and the device searches through the storage medium for data that are suitable for playback.
To remove a USB storage medium, turn off the radio or change the audio source. Afterwards you can
detach the USB storage medium from the USB connection.
Please note that the connection of a USB removable storage device can lead to the device being turned off. It is also possible
that your USB removable storage device is not recognised by the device, even if it is supported. Then the cause is an
excessive power demand made by the removable storage device. To protect the device, it shuts off automatically. In such an
event, you will need an additional power supply for the removable storage device, which is available in an electronics store.
Only connect the USB storage medium when the car radio is turned on.
Do not detach the USB storage medium while audio data are still being played back from it. This could result in reading
errors on the data storage medium.
To protect the USB connection of the device from damage, use a USB connection cable of adequate length.
Make sure that any connected USB storage medium is sufficiently well protected from sliding about inside the vehicle.
Do not hang any objects across a plugged-in USB storage medium or the plug of a USB connection cable. This could
damage the USB connection.
of the device. The display switches to "USB"
. Now

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents