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14.12 Intro

To scan the titles on the storage medium, briefly press the station button "3"
Then all tracks will be scanned for approximately ten seconds. To end the scanning function, press the station button "3"
again and the abbreviation "INT" will turn off.
When the last track of an MP3 storage medium has finished, playback automatically starts again at the beginning.

Random playback (random)

To play back the tracks on the storage medium in random order, briefly press the station button "4"
abbreviation "RDM" will appear on the display. To end the function, press the station button "4"
random function. The message "RDM" will turn off.

14.14 Turning the subwoofer on/off

The device has a subwoofer output on its rear side. To activate this connection, press the "BAND" button
seconds. The icon
will appear on the display. To deactivate the output again, press the "BAND" button
two seconds.
is a connection with which you can connect external audio devices through their headphone or AUX output with
this device. The audio tracks played back on these devices are then output through the car speakers. This is how you can, for
example, play back audio files that you have saved on your mobile phone, minidisc, iPod
To connect external audio devices with the Bluetooth car radio CRB 532, you will need a cable with a 2.5mm jack plug on a
3.5mm jack plug which is supplied as part of the kit. Connect this cable to the headphone connection or AUX output of your
playback device and begin playback. Set the volume of the playback device to a medium level and subsequently regulate the
volume with your Silvercrest CRB-532. If the playback source of the Silvercrest CRB-532 has not been set to AUX yet, press the
"MODE" button
until AUX appears on the display.
. The message "INT" will appear on the display.
during playback. The
again, which will stop the
or tape recorder.
for more than two
again for more than

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents