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Bluetooth car radio
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Fig. 8.0
We recommend that you have the device installed by a specialist company. Then you will have created the prerequisites for a
problem-free functioning of the device. If at any point during the installation you are unsure that you can correctly connect the
device by yourself, contact a specialist. A faulty installation may cause damage to the device and the vehicle electronics.
Please note that the costs of installation (or removal in the case of a claim under guarantee) are not borne by the
1. For the installation of the device, first remove the transport safety screws on the CD drive (Fig. 8.1).
2. Then remove the installation frame from the device with the aid of the release key, by sliding the release keys into the
openings provided on the right and left side of the device, as described in Fig. 8.1. Make sure that the protrusion on the
release key (Fig. 8.2) points away from the device while it is being inserted. Afterwards, the frame can be slid down over the
device towards the rear.
3. Now slide the installation frame into the installation slot provided for the car radio.
transport safety screws
Fig. 8.1
Fig. 8.2

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents