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14.4 Insert / remove SD/MMC
To insert an SD/MMC card, please press the
panel automatically flips down and uncovers the SD/MMC insertion slot. Now insert your
SD/MMC card into the card slot
position. SD/MMC cards with a storage capacity of up to 2 GB are supported.
To remove a SD/MMC card, press the unlocking button
Now apply slight pressure on the card until you feel it snap out. Afterwards you can remove
the card from the slot.
Never use force when inserting an SD/MMC card; this could damage the device as well as the card. Also prevent direct skin
contact with the contacts on the card to prevent contact problems.
14.5 Selecting SD/MMC as a programme source
To play back audio tracks from an SD/MMC memory card, press the "MODE" button
Then the device will read the music tracks that can be reproduced from the memory card and begins to play back the first track.
The programme source "SD/MMC" can only be selected through the "MODE" button
reader. When you remove the SD/MMC card from the device, the device automatically switches back to the most recently
selected programme source.
14.6 MP3 functions
Below are descriptions of the functions and displays when an MP3 CD is inserted, an MP3 player / USB storage device is
connected, or when an SD/MMC memory card is inserted.
When the MP3 data is read, the total number of folders and tracks will briefly appear on the display. This is followed by
playback. During playback, the display will alternately show the folder name, track name, and the name of the artist.
button on the device. Then the operating
with the contacts to the left until it audibly snaps into
again. The front panel flips down.
to select "M-CARD" as the data source.
if there is an SD/MMC card in the card

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents