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Selecting A Cd/Dvd As The Program Source; Insert / Remove Cd - Silvercrest CDV-710 User Manual

Cd/dvd car radio


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• Copy-protected CDs do not correspond to the specifications of audio CDs (CD-DA), don't
carry the respective logo, and can therefore cause playback errors.
• If a selected function is unavailable, a hand symbol

15.1 Selecting a CD/DVD as the program source

To play a CD/DVD, turn on the device with the on/off button
during CD/DVD operation, the playback begins at the track heard before turning off the device.
If the device is set to another program source, press the "MODE" button
in the display. The display will indicate the message "LOADING".
When the monitor is open, the screen menu is also available for the selection of the program
The program source "DVD" can only be selected through the "MODE" button
or DVD in the insertion slot.
For technical reasons, only "DVD" will appear on the display even if a CD is selected or played
back. However, this has no effect at all on the playback or the quality.

15.2 Insert / remove CD

Before inserting a CD/DVD, make sure that no data carrier has already been inserted by
pressing the "EJ" button
To insert the CD/DVD, slide it into the insertion slot
automatically be drawn inside.
The message "LOADING" will be indicated on the display. Then the message "01" will appear,
followed by the time display of the track, which thus shows that the first track on the data carrier
will appear in the upper left of the
. If the device was turned off
until "DVD" appears
if there is a CD
with the printed side up. It will

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents