Silvercrest CRE-521 Instructions Manual
Silvercrest CRE-521 Instructions Manual

Silvercrest CRE-521 Instructions Manual

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Preliminary notes

Thank you for selecting our MP3/WMA/OGG car radio SilverCrest CRE-521. In order for you to utilize this device and all its
options, we recommend that you read the corresponding instructions in this manual before the initial use of the device, even if
you're familiar with handling electronic devices. Please pay particular attention to the chapter "Important safety instructions" on
page 5. Store this manual in a safe location for future reference. If you sell or transfer this device, please be sure to pass along
these instructions as well.


The contents of this manual may not be reproduced, copied or otherwise duplicated in electronic, mechanical, magnetic, optical,
chemical, manual, or any other form without the permission of our company, nor may they be stored in a search engine nor
translated into another language.


The descriptions and features in the manual only serve as general information and do not represent a guarantee. In order to
offer you a product of the highest quality, we reserve the right to make possible improvements or changes without prior
For all product descriptions and user instructions, the German version is the ultimately valid reference in the event of possible
deviations in other languages.

Manufacturer information

JNC Datum Tech GmbH
Benzstraße 33
71083 Herrenberg
More information can also be found at:


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Silvercrest CRE-521

  • Page 1: Preliminary Notes

    Preliminary notes Thank you for selecting our MP3/WMA/OGG car radio SilverCrest CRE-521. In order for you to utilize this device and all its options, we recommend that you read the corresponding instructions in this manual before the initial use of the device, even if you’re familiar with handling electronic devices.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents Preliminary notes ......................... 1 Copyright............................1 Declaration ............................ 1 Manufacturer information ......................1 Table of contents.......................... 2 Important safety instructions ...................... 5 Scope of delivery.......................... 6 Installation............................. 8 Installing the device Connecting the antenna Supply voltage Speakers Removal Operating unit ..........................
  • Page 3 English Activation ............................ 18 11.1 Insertion of the operating unit 11.2 Removal of the operating unit (theft protection) Basic functions........................... 19 12.1 Turning on/off 12.2 Changing the volume 12.3 Muting the speakers Radio (Tuner) Mode........................20 13.1 Selection of the radio station 13.2 Select the wavelength range 13.3...
  • Page 4 15.5 Selecting SD/MMC as a program source 15.6 MP3 functions 15.7 Searching for track numbers 15.8 Alphabetical search 15.9 Searching according to compression type 15.10 Skipping forward or backward in increments of ten 15.11 Pause 15.12 Repeat functions (repeat) 15.13 Intro 15.14 Random playback (random)
  • Page 5: Important Safety Instructions

    English Important safety instructions Please read and strictly observe the following instructions! You are not permitted to disassemble, modify or repair the car radio. Never open the case of the car radio; it does not contain any serviceable parts! If the case is open, there is a risk of fatality due to electric shock.
  • Page 6: Scope Of Delivery

    Scope of delivery CRE-521 MP3/WMA/OGG car radio Case for the operating unit Installation frame Aux-in connection cable...
  • Page 7 English Screws and nuts Remote control User manual Note: The design and technical data are subject to change without any notification. Illustrations are not true to scale.
  • Page 8: Installation

    Installation 8.1 Installing the device Note: Please observe the following safety instructions for the connection of the device: Read the entire installation section before connecting the device. Disconnect the negative pole of the vehicle battery for the duration of the installation. Observe the safety instructions by the vehicle manufacturer during this task.
  • Page 9 English Note: We recommend that you have the device installed by a specialized company. Then you will have created the prerequisites for a problem-free functioning of the device. If at any point during the installation you are unsure that you can correctly connect the device by yourself, contact a specialist.
  • Page 10: Connecting The Antenna

    Illustr. 8.3 Illustr. 8.4 (Cable set is not included in the scope of delivery) Subwoofer output (yellow RCA jack) Caution: This device is distinguished by a high output level. This results in a Line out plug right (red) strong heat generation during the operation. Therefore no cables or Line out plug left (white) other components may be near the device.
  • Page 11: Supply Voltage

    English 8.3 Supply voltage ISO plug A: A4: Attach the connection for +12V operational voltage (diameter at least 2.5 mm² for positive and ground wire) to terminal # 30 (permanent plus) of the vehicle. A5: +12V switching voltage output (max. 0.5 A). When the device is turned on, the switching voltage adjoins contact A5 and serves to retract or extract an automatic antenna and as operational voltage for antenna amplifiers.
  • Page 12: Removal

    Illustr. 8.5 Illustr. 8.6 Illustr. 8.7 8.5 Removal Turn off the device. Remove the operating unit and place it into the case. Clamp off the negative pole of the vehicle battery for the duration of the disassembly. First remove the front frame of the device. Then insert the two disassembly keys into the openings on both sides of the front of the device and slide these until the stop.
  • Page 13: Front View

    English Operating unit Front view (level 1) Button to turn the device on / off Radio mode: Station selection buttons 1-6. Pressing for more than 2 - Volume control dial (turned) seconds stores the current station under this button. - Settings dial for menu level 1 - VOL, BAS, TRE, BAL, FAD (pressed) Music mode: - Settings dial for menu level 2 - INVOL - ADJ -...
  • Page 14 Music mode: Start search. Select according to track flipped open. number, alphabetical order, code - blinks when the operating unit has been removed. BAND button CD slot to insert the CD Radio mode: Switch for the frequency band as well as Reset button to restore factory default settings.
  • Page 15: Display

    English 10 Display 10.1 General Display (entire view) Display (partial view right) Display (partial view left) Level indicator CD status indicator (lights up when a CD is inserted, turns when the CD is being read or played, flashes in pause mode), Preset button number of the current radio station, REC blinks while recording.
  • Page 16: Radio Mode

    10.2 Radio Mode The display of the device can show the following messages during the radio operation: (Example): RDS program name Alternative frequency has been activated HITRADIO Frequency in the FM range Readiness for traffic alerts has been activated 100.60 A broadcast program with traffic information is Time CT 16:08...
  • Page 17: Sd/Mmc Mode

    English The name of the current track is being shown as The name of the current artist is being shown as TITLE ARTIST scrolling text scrolling text The compression of the current title is being CD tracks are scanned briefly. MUSIC shown as scrolling text CD titles are being shuffled in random order...
  • Page 18: Activation

    as scrolling text The compression of the current title is being A CD track is being repeated MUSIC shown as scrolling text CD titles are being played in random order 11 Activation 11.1 Insertion of the operating unit In order to activate the car radio, you first have to insert the operating unit. First slide the operating unit tilted slightly from the right onto the left guide pin, as described in the illustration on the right.
  • Page 19: Basic Functions

    English 12 Basic functions 12.1 Turning on/off To turn on the device, briefly press the “PWR” button on the operating unit. To turn the device off, please press the “PWR” button for more than two seconds. The device will then turn off. Note: If the device is activated after the ignition has been started, it will automatically turn on and off with the ignition during subsequent operation.
  • Page 20: Muting The Speakers

    13 Radio (Tuner) Mode 13.1 Selection of the radio station Turn on the SilverCrest CRE-521 MP3/WMA/OGG car radio with the “PWR” button . If the device was turned off while it was in RADIO mode, the last selected station will be heard. If the device is set to an operation with one of the different data storage media, please press the “MODE”...
  • Page 21: Find And Save Radio Stations

    English 13.3 Find and save radio stations Search for a station with the station search function To select the stations, select the desired wave band with the “BAND” button (section 13.2). In order to begin searching in the desired direction, briefly press one of the buttons “ “ or “...
  • Page 22: Rds

    Information about the current station In order to show information about the current station, please press the “DIS/REC” button. The desired information will then be shown to you in the following sequence: current time, PTY, frequency of the current station. Show current time In order to show the current time, please press the “DIS/REC”...
  • Page 23: Alternative Frequencies ("Af")

    English Note: If you only want to hear traffic announcements, turn on the announcement function with the “TA” button and turn the volume to “VOL 0” with the volume control dial. The device will automatically regulate a volume increase for traffic announcements.
  • Page 24: Regional Programmes ("Reg")

    "REG-ON" or "REG-OFF" appears in the display. 14 CD Mode The SilverCrest CRE-521 MP3/WMA/OGG car radio supports the formats CD-Audio; CD-R; CD-RW and MP3/WMA/OGG-CD. The bit rate has to be between 64kbps and 320kbps. Note: Conditional on the quality differences of the media as well the characteristics of the recording, it can happen that some individually recorded CDs are unable to be read.
  • Page 25: Inserting / Ejecting A Cd

    English 14.2 Inserting / ejecting a CD To insert a CD, please press the button on the device. Then the operating unit automatically flips down and uncovers the CD insertion slot. Before you insert a CD, press the ” “button to make sure that no other CD has already been inserted.
  • Page 26: Selecting Or Repeating Tracks

    14.4 Selecting or repeating tracks By briefly pressing the “ ” button , the playback jumps to the next track. If you press the “ “ button , the playback returns to the beginning of the current track. If the “ “ button is pressed twice, the playback jumps back to the previous track. You can briefly press both the ”...
  • Page 27: Usb/Mp3/Wma/Ogg And Sd/Mmc Mode

    English Note: When the last track of a CD has finished, the playback automatically starts again at the beginning of the CD. This happens regardless of whether the device is in REPEAT mode. If the first track of a multi-session CD contains audio data, only the audio data are played back, even if other data formats are recorded.
  • Page 28: Selecting A Usb Storage Medium As Data Source

    USB storage media. Note: ® Please note that the memory of an iPod is differentiated into two different memory levels. The CRE-521 can only play back ® data from the mass storage level. The iTunes level is not supported.
  • Page 29: Selecting Sd/Mmc As A Program Source

    English Note: Never use force when inserting an SD/MMC card; this could damage the device as well as the card. Also prevent direct skin contact with the contacts on the card to prevent contact problems . 15.5 Selecting SD/MMC as a program source To play back audio tracks from an SD/MMC memory card, press the "MODE”...
  • Page 30: Alphabetical Search

    Note: If a larger number is selected than there are tracks on the data storage medium, the device will start playing the last track on the data storage medium. 15.8 Alphabetical search With an alphabetical search, you have the option of searching tracks on the storage medium according to name or parts of the name (letter entry) and thereby quickly getting the desired track.
  • Page 31: Pause

    English 15.11 Pause To suspend the playback of the current title, please press the PAUSE / station button “1” . Then the playback of the current title is stopped until the PAUSE / station button "1" is pressed again or the device is turned off. 15.12 Repeat functions (repeat) If you want to continuously repeat the currently played track, briefly press the station button “2”...
  • Page 32: Aux In

    To connect external audio devices with the MP3/WMA/OGG car radio CRE-521, you will need a cable with a 2.5 mm jack plug on a 3.5 mm jack plug, which is contained in the scope of the delivery. Connect this cable to the headphone connection or AUX output of your playback device and begin the playback.
  • Page 33 English Change in the volume ratio between the right and left speaker group (BALANCE) After pressing the control dial four times, the settings for the ratio between the speakers connected on the right and left can be reached (BALANCE). The message “BAL” appears on the display along with the settings for the volume ratio between the right and left speaker group (e.g.
  • Page 34: Menu Level

    The setting is saved either when the desired value is confirmed by pressing the control dial or through automatic storage (don’t change anything on the device for approx. five seconds). If you confirm the selection by pressing the control dial , you will reach the next possible setting.
  • Page 35 English “ADJ“: Setting the time To set or change the time settings, press the control dial until you get to menu level 2. The “INVOL” function will appear. Press the control dial until you get to the menu item “ADJ”. There you have the option of setting the time of the device by turning the dial.
  • Page 36 To activate the “EON” function, press the control dial until menu level 2 is reached. The “INVOL” function will appear. Press the control dial until you get to the menu item “EON”. There you will have the option of activating (ON) or deactivating (OFF) the function by turning the dial.
  • Page 37 English “LOUD”: Sound setting – Loudness The “LOUD” function makes it possible to emphasize low and high frequencies through the push of a button in order to increase sound perception in an adjustment to the respective volume. To activate the “LOUD” function, press the control dial until menu level 2 is reached.
  • Page 38: Recording And Copying Function

    17.3 Recording and copying function With the Silvercrest CRE-521 you will have the option of recording music tracks, radio features, news, etc. onto removable SD/MMC or USB removable storage devices. The compression types WMA and MP3 are available for this. How you can change the compression mode is described above in section “REC”...
  • Page 39 English If only an SD/MMC card is inserted, only the option to save onto the SD/MMC card is offered. If only a USB removable storage device is inserted, only the option to save onto the USB removable storage device is offered. If no storage medium is connected or inserted, the message “NO MEDIA”...
  • Page 40: Deleting Tracks

    Copying from an MP3/WMA CD onto an SD/MMC card or USB removable storage device If an MP3 and/or WMA CD is inserted into the CD slot and the “DIS/REC” button is pressed for more than three seconds, the device will start the copy mode for the respective track. If more than one storage medium is available on the device, a selection menu will appear.
  • Page 41: Remote Control

    English 18 Remote control 18.1 Description of the buttons The buttons of the remote control fulfil the same functions as the buttons with the same names on the device. Button Function Chapter Turning device on/off 12.1 Traffic announcements 13.5 PTY button to select the program style 13.4 Alternative frequencies 13.6...
  • Page 42 Button Function Chapter Muting 12.3 13.3 Station button 1, pause 14.3, 15.11 13.3 Station button 2, intro 14.7 13.3 Station button 3, repeat track (repeat) 14.6 13.3 Station button 4, random playback 14.8 Station button 5 13.3 MP3 / WMA track - 10 15.10 Station button 6 13.3...
  • Page 43: Changing The Battery

    English 18.2 Changing the battery To change the battery, please press the lock on the left side of the battery case slightly to the right. Now the battery compartment can be pulled out towards the front. Now replace the old battery with a new one of the same type (CR 2025). Please pay attention to the polarity ("+ pole"...
  • Page 44: Product Information

    19 Product information 19.1 General information Removable flip-down operating unit General information Semi dot matrix LCD display Amber-coloured button illumination PLL tuner with 18FM/12AM station presets Radio component RDS (PTY, TA, AF, PS, PI) Playback of CD/CD-R/CD-RW/MP3/WMA/OGG-CD CD component ESP anti-shock CD/MP3/WMA/OGG Mechanical anti-shock SD/MMC cards (up to max.
  • Page 45: Technical Specifications

    English 19.2 Technical specifications General Energy supply 12V DC (11V-16V) Maximum power output 40W x 4 channels Appropriate speaker impedance 4 – 8Ω Appropriate speaker output 20W x 4 channels Fuse FM stereo radio Frequency range 87.5-108.0MHz Sensitivity 10dBμ Frequency resonance 30Hz –...
  • Page 46: Disposal

    20 Disposal Please consider that your electronic entertainment device is subject to the European Directive 2002/96/EC for the reduction of electronic waste. You are therefore not permitted to dispose of your device in your household waste. You can receive information regarding the disposal of old device at the municipal administration, the waste disposal administration and the store where you purchased this product.
  • Page 47 English Problem Cause Solution The connection cables haven’t been The device does not Please check if all cables have been attached correctly. attached correctly. play any music The “MUTE” or “pause” button is pressed. Press the “MUTE” or “pause” button again. On / off button was pressed too briefly.
  • Page 48 Problem Cause Solution Bad radio reception Reception conditions are bad. Change your location to achieve better reception. The radio reception is choppy or The AF function is activated. Deactivate the AF function (see section 17.2). frequently interrupted. The radio only The REG function is activated.

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