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Bluetooth ® Telephone Function - Silvercrest CRB-532 Instructions Manual

Bluetooth car radio
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16.5 Bluetooth
telephone function
A Bluetooth module is integrated into the Silvercrest CRB-532 radio that can be used for
telephone conversations. Here the Bluetooth module functions as a hands-free conversation
device via a Bluetooth connection with your mobile phone. Your phone may therefore comfortably
remain in the glove compartment, handbag or jacket pocket, while you keep your hands free for
driving. With the Bluetooth module, you can accept calls, reject calls and make calls. Devices with
the Bluetooth versions V1.2 and V2.0 of nearly all well-known manufacturers are supported.
To make phone calls with the Bluetooth module, your mobile phone has to support voice dial and
Bluetooth. The Bluetooth microphone provided as part of the kit also has to be installed correctly
and be connected to the device.
The microphone should be installed as close as possible to the person making the phone calls in
order to minimise potential disruptive noises. If necessary, please consult a specialist for the
correct connection and the installation of the microphone.
In the illustration at the side of this page, you can see an example of a microphone installation in the upper area of the car's A
column. But other installation areas are possible at any time as well.
Communication between the device and the mobile phone is carried out using Bluetooth technology. This means that a wireless
connection is established between the devices. The range is approximately 10 meters. The Bluetooth function of the device is
available immediately after turning this device on and is indicated through the flashing blue BTI-LED
Pairing the devices
Turn on the Silvercrest CRB-532 Bluetooth radio. Now activate the Bluetooth function of your mobile phone (please obtain exact
information about this from the user manual of your mobile phone) and search for a Bluetooth device. As soon as the search is
finished, your mobile phone will report a new device with the label "CRB-532". Choose this device and enter "0000" as the
password. Now the mobile phone is connected and paired with the Silvercrest CRB-532 Bluetooth radio. The pairing has the
result that you do not have to enter the password every time in the future.
Connecting radio and mobile phone
If the option "visible to everyone" is activated on your mobile phone, the Bluetooth car radio CRB-532 (when switched on)
automatically connects with your mobile phone as soon as it is in the vicinity. If the option "hidden" is activated on your mobile
phone, a manual pairing order is required for the mobile phone (please check the user manual of your mobile phone for exact
information about this). If the telephone and device are connected to each other through Bluetooth, the BTI-LED
continuously illuminated.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents